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Take control of your journey

Understand your journey. Select very specific goals and decide how much time and effort you want to put in.


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Make epic things happen. Find the right trainers and lifestyle coaches that will keep you challenged and help you make progress.


See. Real. Results.

Start feeling and seeing the unparalleled results that will get you to the top of the eSports world.

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We are more than just eSports Training. At every step, we provide gaming, cognitive, emotional, and practical training. so that you create your gaming future, your way.

Learn From the Best

Get trained by the best lifestyle coaches and eSports players. Learn from their strategies and experience.

College Scholarships

Find, analyze, and apply for 500+ college eSports programs. Earn your share of $20m in college scholarships.

Prepare for Tournaments

Train to compete and win thousands of $ in over a 1,000 eSports tournaments.

A Holistic Approach

We offer six different types of sessions that to cover every aspect of your game.

Experienced Community

Learn and share your strategies, experiences, and stories with a group of high-performing athletes and experts.

Goal Tracking

Track your progress, crush your milestones, and understand your journey.

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