How Gamercraft Works

We show students your coaching profile.

Students filter their search results to find trainers who are a good match for their learning goals.

Students contact pro players they like.

If the student thinks you’re a great fit, they’ll schedule a first meeting with you. Be ready!

Respond quickly.
Get hired.

When you’re contacted, check the student details and reply quickly. It’s now up to you to coach the student.

Types of Training Sessions

A holistic approach towards gaming performance that delivers the best results.

Review Session

The first session. Build rapport & identify problems and strenghts


Student or coach tag along with each other. Direct, in-game advise and tips.

VOD Reviews

Trainer & Student review videos to provide actionable tips and strategies.

Macro/Micro Session

Short sessions focusing on specific questions about one game aspect.

Individual Scrims

Trainer and Student play one or a series of scrimmage games together.

Mental Performance

Tilt and burnout management. Performance oriented sessions.

Ok, tell me more.

Let’s talk details.

Why Gamercraft?

Because we are using Learning Analytics to improve performance and the quality of relationships formed between you and the gamers/students. We also simplify and facilitate your coaching experience: You will be able to assign goals and track the most important metrics.

How long does it take to receive the funds?

Instant Withdrawal
Your funds will be available in your debit card or bank account in seconds or minutes.

PayPal transactions are instant and are almost always available in seconds.

Domestic Transfers
For domestic transactions, you will receive the funds in 1 or 2 business days, but it could take more depending on your bank or certain holidays.

International Transfer
International Transfer through our payment partnet, Transferwise, usually take 3-4 hours, but can take up to 1-2 business days.